How I Switched to Mushroom Coffee (and Why I’m Never Going Back)

June 21, 2019

reishi mushroom coffee

How I Switched to Mushroom Coffee (and Why I’m Never Going Back) 

I’ve been a coffee girl all my life. For me, when it comes to mornings, what’s a morning without coffee? It can be hot coffee, or it can be a blended frozen coffee, so long as there’s coffee to start my day. 

Sometimes, however, I do notice some side effects. For example, if I skip a day or two, there’s that headache that comes with the coffee withdrawal. And if I don’t have my coffee with food, my stomach will hurt.

Those side effects I can handle, but it does come with a little bit of guilt. Coffee isn’t the healthiest drink (I’ve always known that), but then I started to wonder if there was a coffee substitute to make drinking my coffee healthier.

That’s when I found mushroom coffee. To my surprise, there is a way to make coffee healthy! I decided it was time to give reishi coffee a try.

By adding in medicinal mushrooms, it helps to counteract the negative effects of coffee, while adding in some antioxidants to boost health. 

Superfood Power in a Cup of Joe 

I didn’t know that some mushrooms are superfoods, which means that they can provide extraordinary health benefits. Health benefits on top of my caffeine boost sounded too good to be true. So I did some more research.

Some of the properties of the reishi mushroom include immune boosting capabilities. I was glad to hear that, because normally when I got a cold, I’d give up coffee for a few days. If my immune system gets boosted, though, and I still get to drink my coffee every day, this is a bonus that seems too good to be true.

Memory may also be enhanced with Dodjivi’s reishi mushroom coffee. Coffee usually perked me up before, but with the mushroom coffee substitute, now I feel like I’m laser-sharp whenever I have my morning cuppa.

They’ve also claimed that it can help with weight loss, as it’s an adaptogenic drink. That means that it will only help you lose weight if you need it. Another way to say it is that it helps you come back to balance. I love this idea. I might not need to work out as much! 

Is mushroom coffee right for you?     

Well, that depends. If you like coffee plus some extra health benefits, I recommend giving it a go. If you are married to the taste of your coffee, though, it might not be for you. The flavor of reishi coffee is unique, and mushroom coffee benefits are equally as unique and rewarding. For me, I’ll keep drinking it! I feel so great afterwards, and it shows. 




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