The New Healing Drink: Mushroom Coffee

April 27, 2019

Dodjivi Reishi Mushroom Coffee Canada

The New Healing Drink: Mushroom Coffee

There's a new coffee blend on the block, and you'll want to get your hands on some ASAP. The radical new healing drink is called mushroom coffee alternative, and it will not miss you. By adding reishi, a medicinal mushroom with powerful detoxifying properties, to our Arabica Coffee, it becomes a superfood you can drink.

Benefits of Reishi    

Reishi is a powerful mushroom with healing properties. It's used by many people for its immune boosting properties. Reishi has been shown in studies to be a powerful detoxifier. It's used as an alternative therapy by those who are chronically ill, including those with Alzheimer's, arthritis, chronic fatigue, and cancer patients. 

Reishi has adaptogenic properties, meaning that it will be able to adjust your body to help you get rid of other radicals and other toxins in a safe way for you, and boost your immune system so that it's just right for your body.

Try new coffee alternative, mushroom coffee by Dodjivi

Many have reported improvement in their daily regimen, and better meditation experiences. Packed with nutrients, this superfood is a great source of calcium, potassium, folate, niacin and copper.  

Is coffee bad for you? 

The answer is simply: no! Coffee helps us improve focus and become more mentally alert. Performance and productivity can be enhanced because we are simply able to do more. Is known to speed up metabolism, which is critical for weight loss. 

A known diuretic, coffee speeds up the digestive process and can help increase urination as well. Too much coffee can be bad for anyone, until now.  

Reishi Mushroom Coffee 

This alternative coffee blend is gentle on the system and much easier on the adrenals than the traditional caffeinated beverage. That means you'll be able to have your own caffeine. You can drink your coffee with the afternoon jitters or the caffeine crash. 

The healing drink mushroom coffee works by pulling out harmful toxins and subsiding any side effects that may occur. This means you can reduce your stress in your body. 

Brain function improves as you become more mentally alert and focus increases. Patients with Alzheimer 's and Dementia have reported an improvement in cognitive abilities, and the immune-boosting power of the diet combined with Arabica coffee is out of this world. 

Sorry, we're still waiting for you! Reishi Mushroom Coffee . What are you waiting for? Give our Mushroom Coffee alternative a try, and see how your world changes.

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